Why is Associating Partners With God Such a Great Crime?

God Almighty stands in no need of man’s gratitude and prayers as God is free of all wants and needs. It is we humans who are in need of God and His mercy. It might look like a paradox because if God does not need people’s belief, why does He care if people believe or not?

  1. God does not approve disbelief not because “disbelief” deprives God of something. As we have explained earlier God created us to worship and serve Him alone. Associating partners with God or to put anyone/anything equal to God or to reject the truth of His existence would make us go against the very purpose of our existence and it would also be the highest form of disrespect to our Creator.
  2. Disbelief in God jeopardizes the whole life system and causes evil and corruption to manifest in the world. When a person disbelieves in God or associates partners with God, they choose to reject God’s sovereign authority and divine guidance. People end up following their desires and become unaware that they are being watched by God, leading to carelessness about their accountability to Him. This becomes the root cause for all the evils in the world.
  3. Associating partners with God is the highest degree of injustice and ingratitude. If we look around us and at ourselves we will find the blessings of God bestowed on us – our loving family, our children, our ability to walk and see and to witness everything that has such great beauty in His creation.

Would it not be utmost ungrateful for us to ascribe all this to anyone else other than the one who gave us everything? How then, can we be so ungrateful to Him and associate partners with Him? Is this not ingratitude and injustice to the Mercy which God has shown upon us? How can we become pious men and women when we pay no regard to God’s laws and Commandments and when we make images not befitting His Majestic Personality?