Why did God Himself not come to Earth?

God and man are opposites. If God becomes a man, then He cannot be God. It is like having a diagram which is square and circle at the same time.
For example:

  1. God will not die, Man will die.
  2. God is not bound by time and space. Man is bound by Time and space. This is a huge problem to be solved when we say God became man.
  3. Moreover, man has severe limitations. For example: Man cannot hear what the dog hears. Man cannot see what the owl sees etc. If God becomes a man, it would mean that God became a man with all these limitations, which does not befit the qualities of God.

So the fact is, either a person can be God at a given point of time or be human at a given point of time and not both simultaneously.
One might argue, God can do everything and hence He can be God and human at the same time.

If God can do everything, would God be unjust? Would God lie? The answer is no. If God wants to lie or be unjust, He can; but He will not. The reason: the acts of being unjust and lying do not befit the qualities of God. We can conclude that God will only do things that befit His divinity. We can understand that God becoming man does not befit His divinity, as it ascribes limitations to God.

Even if we assume that God can come down to the earth, then it would not serve the purpose at all! We know of incarnated gods who married thousands of wives, stole things, lied and cheated. The common humans might argue that since they were gods they could do it, but we humans should not do such acts. This proves that incarnate gods cannot be good role models for us, since they do not suffer from the limitations we have, they are not bound by the principles that we are often bound by. Moreover they easily overcame problems with their godly powers, where as we humans have to strive and struggle to tackle them. All these points suggest that the best role-models for humans can be a human and not an incarnate God.