Who is God?

The word God has different meanings with different understandings depending on the language, faith, philosophy, and the culture we represent. For some, anyone who helps them in need is their God, and for some, their parents are their Gods, for some; popular and successful human beings become their God, for others money is their God, and for some the natural elements are Gods, and for some anything and everything is God.

It is indeed very easy to understand the correct meaning of God. For example, if you are asked, who is a mother? Your obvious answer will be: One who gives birth to a child. We may address Mother Teresa as ‘mother’. However, it does not give Mother Theresa the same status as our real mother. We don’t have the choice to choose someone to be our mother; our mother is the one who gave birth to us.

Similarly, God is the One who created us and this whole universe. We may call anyone, or anything as God, but nothing can be our “true God” except the One who created us and the entire universe. We don’t have the choice to choose someone we like, to be our God. The one who created us alone can be God. None of God’s creation, regardless of how great the creation is, can ever be God.