Who Created the Creator?

According to Cosmology the universe had a beginning some 14 billion years ago with a cosmic event commonly known as the ‘Big Bang’. Along with the beginning of universe, time – the factor we use to measure beginning and end, also came into existence. All things created in this world are dependent on time; they all have a birth (beginning) and death (end). The Creator who created the universe was present even before time came into existence and is hence Independent of it. Hence the Creator can neither have a beginning nor an end and has always existed. Think about the booklet you are reading right now. If this booklet had always existed it wouldn’t need a Creator or an author.

Now, imagine a soldier who has found his target, but needs the permission of a higher official to fire. The official tells the soldier that he is dependent on another higher official and needs to get his permission to open the fire. The higher-higher official then tells that he needs the permission of another higher-higher-higher official, as he is dependent on him. If this chain of ‘dependency’ goes on forever, will the soldier ever get to shoot the target? The obvious answer is no. The only way the soldier can shoot is if and only if there is someone along the chain who is independent of all others and can take a decision on his own without consulting anyone or needing others’ help.

When we apply this principle to the universe, we can safely conclude that the very existence of the universe points to the Existence of an Entity which is not dependent on anyone else and takes Independent Decisions. This Independent Entity is referred to as the Creator or God.