What is the Proof?

God does not expect blind faith from us. The proof for whatever mentioned above is the last and final revelation from God, The Quran. Quran is the unchanged word of God.

The Quran speaks about various disciplines like geology, embryology, astronomy, oceanography, law, psychology, botany, physics, zoology etc. Quran gives an open challenge to all those who disbelieve in it. The Author of this book (God) says “Do they not consider the Quran carefully? Had it been from others beside God, then it would have contained many errors and inconsistencies” (Quran – Chapter 4: Verse 82).

Amazingly, the Quran spoke about several 21st century discoveries in science 1400 years ago with pristine accuracy, which was impossible for a human being like Prophet Mohammed to know on his own. So the Quran has to be the Word of God.