Purpose of Our Existence

Is there a Purpose for our Existence?

To begin with, look around you. Unless you live in a cave, you are surrounded by things we humans have made with our own hands. Now, why did we make those things? Is there a purpose to those things? The answer is obviously yes. Let us look at the organs of our body. Do we find an organ without a purpose? Let us look at the natural things around us like the trees, mountains etc. Do they exist without a purpose?

When everything we create has a purpose, when our organs have a purpose, when natural things like trees, mountains etc. have a purpose, is it logical to assume that the whole human race exists without a purpose? Well, why do we exist? To amass fame and fortune? To have fun? To be the richest person in the world? No, there must be more to life than that, so let’s think about this.