Is There a Life After Death?

Ownership will always have accountability. An employee is accountable to his boss for the work he does. Everyone in this world, irrespective of their position is accountable to someone or the other. This is a basic fact of life. Similarly, our Creator who is the real, supreme and ultimate authority will surely hold us accountable for what we do in this world. If there is no accountability, justice can never be established.

The world will come to an end one day. All the human beings, from the first man to the last will be brought back to life (Resurrection) on the Day of Judgment and will be questioned for their deeds. People who have worshipped the one true God, done good deeds and lived a life in accordance with what God has commanded will receive a reward and people who have disobeyed God will be punished. The reward will be Paradise and the punishment will be Hell. The life in Paradise and Hell will be eternal and never-ending.