CapitalismToday we have become overzealous in exploring the universe but we are failing on the basics in understanding the problems in our society. Today we are trying to explore the universe but we are failing to understand the problems in our own society. We have become so busy that we do not have time to think. Allah tells in the Quran that the “life of this world is nothing but play and amusement”. We better wake up and realise out situation before it becomes too late. Unless we are prepared to accept the truth, nobody can help us. If we want to look the other way then we are messing with the divine guidance.

The World Bank and IMF are doing nothing but sucking the blood of the 3rd world countries. They are doing nothing but leading countries into debt. Through the World Bank and IMF, hundred are becoming rich and billions are becoming poor.

Every year on an average 17,500 are committing suicide because they are unable to pay the loans. Most suicide cases relate to those farming families which have run up huge debts as they are unable to pay the loans borrowed from the banks and loan sharks. Crop failures in this situation, therefore, leave farmers with debts they are unable to pay and are then hounded by recovery agents.

And when one country takes loan from another country, the situation is much verse. The loan based credit has destroyed more than 100 countries till now and many more countries to follow. In other words, as one hears often, it will lead to a situation where the rich keep getting richer while the poor keep getting relatively poorer. “The richest 225 people in the world own more wealth than the poorest 2.5 Billion”.

The World Bank and the IMF are the new rulers of the World. They give loans to countries by showing them big dreams of growth and development and at a later stage when they are unable to repay the loan they take control of the natural resources of the country. The WTO is also joining the party along with the World Bank and IMF by bringing in new rules and regulations. Thanks to World Bank and WTO, hundreds are becoming rich and billions are becoming poor.

We have been misled away from the true & divine presence of man and the universe. The world is become so proliferated with entertainments, mass media, television shows, amusement parks, drugs, alcohol and every kind of entertainment that keeps the human mind entertained, so that we don’t get in the way of important people by doing too much thinking. We better wake up and understand that there are people who are guiding our life and we don’t even know it. Unless we are prepared to accept the truth, nobody can help us. If we want to look the other way then we are messing with the divine guidance.

On one side we see people today are spending money extravagantly, they spend money on things which they do not require. Thanks to the advertisements which have been designed to stimulate and provoke the person to buy the product even if he does not need it. If this money is used for the right way and in the right direction then most of the problems of this world would have been solved.

Islam means Peace and Islam aims for Peace in every aspect of life. Once there is Peace and Justice in the country, it will definitely be a prosperous and successful country. Peace and Justice are the main contributing factors to a happy and successful society. As a system of life, Islam guides its followers at every moment in every aspect of life, in individual, collective, spiritual, political, economic, social, intellectual & moral aspects. And in every aspect of life Islam aims at giving justice to all the people so that they can live peacefully.

We can state that injustice is done to a particular group of people when they do not get their basic rights and facilities. And when the people do not get justice they try to get what they want by adopting the wrong means. This injustice leads to corruption, thefts, murder, etc. So the basic problem lies in giving justice to the people.

Every individual living in the country should be given the basic human rights in order to have peace and justice in the country. We would be doing justice to the people by giving them basic rights and facilities which would in-turn help us to maintain peace in the country and make this world a better place to live in.

The solution for Peace and Justice lies in fashioning the life of man according to the directives contained in the divine guidance than in the man-made system that has many flaws and limitations that causes disturbance in peace and leads to injustice in terms of mass poverty, economic imbalance, exploitation, clash of groups, artificial scarcity, starvation death, inflation and socio-economic problems.

The solution to this problem is that the Government should avoid financial dependence on IMF and World Bank. India should try to reform IMF and World Bank aiming the interest of poor and 3rd world countries, Government should adopt an independent foreign policy upholding the sovereignty and freedom of the country rather than enslaving itself to the bigger powers of the world, amend the relevant legislations to allow the Zero Interest Banking and FDI should not be allowed in strategic sectors like education and media. In other sectors also FDI should be controlled to safeguard the domestic industries, labour interests and other local interests.

I would like to conclude by telling that Capitalistic Imperialism is a weapon to create injustice in the world. The world is full of problems and Islam is full of solutions. We just have to look at it with an open mind without being biased and the truth will stand clear from falsehood. The Capitalistic Imperialism has had an impact on all the sectors of the society; Let us adopt a system which is aims at justice, in order to have a Just World. We need to take steps to get the balance right.  It’s time we Think, Talk and Act before it is too late. Open your eyes before they close.

Once injustice prevails in a country, firstly the peace is disturbed & the rest follows…

Peace and justice are the key factors for the success of any country.