Can God be in Need of Anything?

Imagine a situation where a person travels in a bus. The bus conductor comes to him and the two have the following conversation:

Bus conductor: Ticket please.

Traveler: I don’t have one.

Bus conductor: Where are you going?

Traveler: I do not know.

Bus conductor: What? Do you have an address where you need to go?

Traveler: Should I have an address or know my destination? I have no idea where I need to go.

Bus conductor: Why did you board the bus if you do not know where you need to go?

Traveler: I do not know.

Bus conductor: ???? (Confused and puzzled look)

If you were traveling in the same bus, what would you think of this man? If we now apply the same conversation to our own life and ask a similar set of questions like: Who created us? Why do we exist?  What happens after we die?  Do we live and die without a purpose?  Or is there a purpose behind our existence? How many of us can be sure of the answers for the questions above? Truth is that we are alive today and we will die one day.